Is the LGBTQ Movement the New Civil Rights Movement? – 10 Principles You Need To Know

The following principles comes from a recent episode of Real Truth. Real Quick., “Is the LGBTQ Movement the New Civil Rights Movement?” I hope they are useful to you as you think through this topic.

10 Principles

  1. Ethnicity and race are part of God’s design. The choice to surrender to human inclinations and sin is not.
  2. Biblically the Civil Rights Movement confronted moral wrong doing; whereas, aspects of the LGBTQ movement looks to affirm them.
  3. Believers should be active in caring for anyone society discards or mistreats.
  4. As God’s servants, we are obligated to speak the truth in love.
  5. Don’t assume people choose their sin struggle any more than someone chooses their skin color, but know the difference in God’s view of both.
  6. We choose whether or not we give into temptation. We do not choose our ethnicity or race.
  7. Don’t trust your flesh’s inclination, trust in the kindness of God’s will and way.
  8. God loves all ethnicity and races, but he warns against surrendering to temptation or embracing any sin.
  9. The civil rights movement was rightly speaking to the dignity of all men. We should not affirm the dignity of every human desire.
  10. It is wrong to demonize one human inclination contrary to God’s word over others.

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