16 Things to Convince Your Children of Before 16

things parents should teach their children

The following list is from the sermon, “16 Things to Convince Your Children of Before 16.”

1. God’s Word is life giving & worth giving your life to.
2. Life is not about you.
3. Next to who you follow, who you follow with is going to shape who you are.
4. People around you today are full of worth, but they aren’t worth all you think.
5. Money is not a ticket to freedom; it is a tool, a test, & a testimony.
6. Pornography is not just a lie, it is lethal.
7. Sex is not just intercourse.
8. Sex is not dirty, but outside of marriage it is damaging.
9. Dating in high school is a date with trouble.
10. Life is hard.
11. You can’t be whatever you want to be when you grow up, but you can be all you should be.
12. It’s called work for a reason, but it isn’t a curse.
13. Lies abound in most of what you see, read and hear. Be discerning and guard your heart.
14. Failure is not fatal, failing to try can be.
15. I love you.
16. God is love, full of grace & full of good.

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