A Few Thoughts From Todd On Memorizing God’s Word

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I’m a member of the *** community here at Watermark and one of the topics that JP often references is the amount of scripture you have memorized. I’ll admit, I’m often impressed by your ability to bring up, seemlingly, the perfect verse at the perfect time during Q&A and impromptu talks. I’ve read a few books on memorization, mostly because I don’t think my memorization is great. These books are good for helping remember names and events, but I don’t think it’s the best for memorizing scripture, quotes, or poems. As such, I wanted to ask about your approach to memorization. Is it through a series of tools like flash cards or read/repeat techniques? Or do you have another way of categorizing scripture in your mind?

Thanks for any guidance on this endeavor.



Love that you are wanting to get more Scripture committed to memory and are asking! One thing that I’d suggest (and a system I’ve used) is the Topical Memory System from the Navigators. You can check it out below, and Watermark’s Equipped Disciple ministry also goes through these verses. You might want to check that out and jump in with others. One of the keys to any commitment like this is having others around you spurring you on (I have cc’d XXXX who is the leader of EQ.)

Either way I would beg you to jump into life with others as a means to faithfully live out the Word…and joining a community group is a great place to start! I have CC’d Luke Friesen from our community ministry here so that he can help you find a community group if you don’t already have one.

As for my “personal method of memorization”….review, review, review…saturate in the Word….live in the Word…meditate and then review again. No real secret for me. Some use pictures and “mental markers”…that is awesome if it helps you but focus and review is what I have used. I am ccing Robbie Rice as well b/c he has a method that has proved helpful to others.

One last word ***…I’m praying whatever you memorize you double down in living! All the memorizing and reviewing do us know good if we don’t execute. So memorize and jump in on Hebrews 10:24-25 with me.

Encouraged ***…hope you experience the blessing of Psalm 1 by hiding God’s Word in your heart!

Matt 7:24,






To those of you reading this, what methods of memorizing God’s Word has been helpful to you? Leave a comment below and tell us about it.

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7 thoughts on “A Few Thoughts From Todd On Memorizing God’s Word

  1. Todd, I jumped into ED1 at the start of the year and it has been one of the best decisions of my life. Before, I was just reading the bible. Now, I am listening to what God is telling me through scripture. As far as memorizing verses go I use a note card system attached to a ring. On one side is the assurance and the other is the scripture. When I study the bible I title a verse and then write the scripture on the other side. Scripture memory is our number one weapon when we talk to non-believers about Christ. Having a hunger for the Word really helps because you want to live what God is telling you.

    • Way to go Oscar….you will NEVER regret the time you spend memorizing, meditating on and responding to God’s Word. Numbers 6:24-26

      • Hi Maurizio,I have joined the srtuprice memorization and started with Ephesians 4:29.Will you be giving a srtuprice for us each week ? Is Luke 8:18 the one for this week ?I find flash cards very helpful. I would keep them in the car and memorize or meditate on them while stuck in traffic. A good way to pass the time effectively but more importantly get connected to the Lord.

    • Two things that have been on my heart that goes along with the bible rnediag and devotion.1. Praise God for our Pastors, godly leaders in our churches, and godly friends to whom we can go to for prayer and godly counsel. I don’t know what I would do without these influences in my life. God speaks, then we have all these wonderful people to help us be strong and follow God’s Word and will. To give up our own will for His can be a huge battle.2. It hurts my heart to think of the children that don’t have a godly mother and father. What a challenge that is in teaching the majority of our church children (van/bus riders). I think it even hurts me more though to see families who come to church together, watching the parents teach their children that other things are more important than God. It’s ok to miss this service or that activity for this sport, it’s only one time. I’m proud you made all those points in the game, but no praise for godly character in the game or lack of godly character in the game. It’s ok to watch this evil vampire movie, after all it’s just a love story, look at these godly characteristics they apply to this vampire!!!! Yikes isn’t there something wrong with attributing godly characteristics to something of darkness? As a parent myself, I made more decisions based on the world than God’s Word and will. If you still have your babies at home, I pray you will seek God’s guidance, and teach your babies there is nothing better than following God’s Word and God’s plan.

    • Count me in for memorizing a scitrpure a week, thanks for your instructions in how to do it this is going to help me! Thank you for motivating me Pastor because ignorance of His word kept me from receiving His best in my life NO MORE IGNORANCE. I have all the faith I need ( Luke 17:19 ), what I need is action and more personal knowledge of God , through time and HIS WORD. God gives results, all I need to activate HIS goodness is use His words. By memorizing scitrpure I know I will be able to have the best in my life and the life of others. In Jesus’ name. Amen

  2. Like Oscar, I’ve been in the ED1 class and was beyond intimidated by Scripture memory. Freaked out and sweaty might be one way to describe it…

    I also use the “note card” method, cards attached by a c-ring. The Navigators 2:7 web site has a link to the all three ED class memory verses, so I downloaded that and then tweaked formatting (bolding, underling certain words, etc.) I have two sets, one set hangs in my cubicle at work and the other one travels with me, usually in the car. I’ll flip through the cards while at a stop light, when I need a breather at work or I’ll ask my nephews/niece to quiz me. They’re quick to point out “Aunt B’s” mistakes and yet, they are becoming familiar with the scripture as well. It’s a win-win.

    I will say, I began the process in prayer. God knows my heart and desire to learn His Truth in order to build my relationship with Him and to be an eqipped disciple. Memorization has always been very difficult for me, but I firmly believe God is guiding me through the process, qualifying the called. There’s no other way I could do it. I may not remember what I had for breakfast but I definitely remember the Assurance of Answered Prayer. Peace.