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Todd is the Senior Pastor of Watermark Community Church in Dallas, TX, which he and handful of friends established just over a decade ago to reach the unchurched and de-churched, and to encourage, challenge and spur on the dead-churched and unmoved so they can enjoy the fullness of living as radical servants and leaders in Christ’s Kingdom.

Though he enjoys teaching both at Watermark and at conferences and camps around the country, his favorite past-times are laughing with his family and coaching his kids and their friends in any and all sports throughout the year.

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One thought on “About Todd

  1. I absolutely adore the way you share Gods Word Pastor Todd. Our little country like church of about 20-45 max has been without s pastor. Ow for 2 years and I don’t like what is going on there with the pastor committee. I am trying real hard to believe that the trustees and deacons on this committee are doing what God is calling them to do but I just think they are weary of looking and 2 particularly have a personal interest in the decisions being made. I would love to find someone like who says it like it is in a loving way and not to offend but to teach, encourage and lift up others. Most just want to stay status quo and I don’t. Keep doing a Great work in TX and please pray for our little church in warren,OH.

    Continue being a blessing to all who hear you!

    Sister in Christ
    Brenda Scott