10 Resources To Help You Talk About Transgender/Homosexuality, Biblically.


1. Homosexuality and Same-Sex Marriage: An Apology, an Answer & an Assignment

Todd Wagner

People who claim to be followers of Christ have had two equally unloving responses to homosexuality: Either we have condemned homosexuals and told them to clean up their sin on their own, or we have enabled a sinful lifestyle in the name of tolerance. Here is an objective look at the Bible’s teaching on homosexuality and an appropriate, loving response from those who follow Christ. http://www.watermark.org/media/homosexuality-and-same-sex-marriage-an- apology-an-answer-an-assignment/457/

2. Real Truth. Real Quick.

Should Christians Support Gay Conversion Therapy?

Has The Church Failed The LGBTQ Community?

Is it Okay to Attend a Gay Friendʼs Wedding?

What’s A Loving Response When A Friend Tells Me They Are Gay?

Is the LGTBQ Movement the New Civil Rights Movement?

Why Does The Church Talk So Much About Homosexuality And Gay Marriage?

What Does The Bible Mean When It Says, “Judge Not, Lest You Be Judged?

How Do You Respond To A Friend That Believes They Are Transgender?

How Should A Christian View The Religious Freedom Restoration Act?

Why Do Christians Ignore Other Old Testament Laws But Condemn Homosexuality?

Why Is It Front Page News When A Celebrity Announces He Is Gay?

Is God Anti-Gay?

Can You Be a Gay Christian?


3. Why There’s No Right to Gay Marriage in 6 Video Clips


4. Homosexuality: Why Isn’t This Taught?!?! [WARNING: Explicit content]

Ricky Chelette, Jonathan Pokluda

Is someone who struggles with same-sex attractions just born that way? Is change possible? Ricky Chelette, Executive Director of Living Hope Ministries, addresses a topic many find too confusing or politically charged to tackle. http://www.watermark.org/media/homosexuality-why- isnt-this-taught-warning-explicit-content/1027/

5. God, Love, Sex, and Homosexuality

David Marvin

Whether through marketing slogan or cultural values, TV, music, movies, and media flood us with messages about life, our world, and ourselves. When it comes to homosexuality we are capable of listening to these messages, which tell us either that there is nothing wrong with homosexuality or that homosexuals are “freaks”. In this episode we examine what God has to say about homosexuality and how we are to respond to it. Do we listen to God’s message or to grace and truth. http://www.watermark.org/media/homosexuality/2132/

6. Same-Sex Bonding

Ricky Chelette, Jonathan Pokluda

In this episode, we hear the story of one of the leading authorities on the theology of homosexuality. This is a must-listen for all parents and anyone who struggles with sexual sin. This is also a great resource for anyone who has loved ones in the gay lifestyle. Ricky Chelette does an excellent job explaining that nature of sexual struggles and their origin. He has an amazing message of hope and shows, from the scriptures, God’s design for sex. http://www.watermark.org/media/same-sex-bonding/1980/

7. Same Love

Jonathan Pokluda

In this message we tackle the hit song “Same Love.” We explore the difficult topic of homosexuality, examining what God has to say about it, where the church has missed God’s instructions on how to approach it, and where we all must change and conform more fully to Christ’s embodiment of grace and truth. http://www.watermark.org/media/same-love/3206/

8. Living Hope: Support and Resources for Those Leaving Homosexuality


9. Seminar on Homosexuality

Matt Chandler

Props also to my friend Matt for being willing to speak lovingly and forthrightly about this increasingly delicate topic. http://www.thegospelcoalition.org/blogs/justintaylor/2010/06/23/matt-chandler-seminary-on- homosexuality/

10. Books

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