5 Questions (And Answers) On Spiritual Leadership

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The following is from an email exchange where I was asked five questions on the topics of spiritual leadership, ministry, and pastoring. I hope it encourages and sharpens you.

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1. What’s the biggest lessons you’ve learned as a head pastor?

I’ve never believed I needed to do anything but my job and do it well. Don’t let the title convince you that you need to be anything other then faithful…but do be aware that with titles come privileges and responsibilities…and a lot of guys (or Kings in the Scripture) find out they were not ready for either. Prov 27:21

Hiring well ( or surrounding yourself with the right people) is more important then anyone can convince you. Find Godly bold men..not yes men or people impressed with you..find men that love God and will love you in every way God calls them to who are gifted to do their job…the more gifted they are then you the better and if they are more gifted then you get out of the way and follow them.

2. What things best prepared you to take on that role?

Faithfulness in the smallest of things. Doing everything well…not to get ahead but to be ready. Fall in love with God’s word.

Teach it every chance you get…follow it more passionately then you teach it. Col 3:23; Gal 1:10

The reward for more faithful service is the opportunity for more service.

3. What would you do differently if you could?

Hmmmm….Prov 10:22.

So anytime I did anything less then God’s word would admonish…other than that as Solomon predicted I have no regrets and wouldn’t do anything different.

4. Best overall leadership advice? Do’s and Don’t’s?

Ps 101

5. How do you stay spiritually healthy?

Mark 1:35
Psalm 139:23-24
Heb 10:24-25; Psalm 141:5 ; Prov 27:5-6

– Todd

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