10 Ways To Promote Life And 6 Additional Resources

In response to my message, Aborting Your Silence and Dealing With the Shame of Abortion, I wanted to list a few opportunities for that I hope will encourage you as you seek to join the effort to celebrate and protect life.  Ultimately, the best thing we can do in this “cause” as all others, is prayerfully and personally engage friends, neighbors and co-workers in winsome conversations and thoughtful dialogue.  Meanwhile, as we wait for others to join us in our effort to value all life, here are some trusted partners and ministries that you should know about and prayerfully consider supporting personally and or financially.

  1. North Texas March For Life
  2. Council For Life: Life Lessons Box Lunch
  3. Texas For Life Coalition
  4. Thrive Women’s Clinic
  5. Council For Life
  6. Someone Cares
  7. Forgotten Fathers
  8. Online For Life Prayer App
  9. Buckner International 
  10. Life Talk Resource Center

Additional Resources

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