Bono at Watermark?

More than a few folks asked me if I knew about Bono being at one of our services yesterday.  My response when asked was…”I hope he was and pray by God’s grace he was encouraged by the truth shared from the Word and  the truth we declared in song.  As the questions persisted and the pictures circulated…I decided to at least send the below email to my staff team.  Thought y’all might also be helped/encouraged by reading it.

Guys…I have heard some say that we had a “celebrity” hanging around Watermark yesterday.  I frankly don’t know if it is true or not (and if you ask me to speculate I would doubt it…look a likes abound) and I frankly don’t care.  I do care that we love all people well and that we help our people love all people well.  It is a completely normal and unsinful response to do a double take when you see something you don’t expect or have a chance to see something of beauty, tragedy, rarity (see also 2 tickets at fair to see big alligators, short horses, etc….) but, after the initial human response, we, as people informed by a Christ, are not to have a normal response, but rather a supra normal (see also divine) response that rules us.  

Our job is to lovingly help those who are less mature in their faith, or who have no faith yet, act in a manner that makes everyone feel welcome and communicates that we love people because they are people, whether they are homeless or heroes.

I was going to sign this James 2:1-4…but I know I don’t have to.

Let’s make Watermark famous for how we love lost people, care for one another, speak the truth in love and hold fast to our hope and anchor…not for who may or may not have attended.

Love y’all,



Update….I heard later from the friends who brought their friend that my speculation was correct.

If you are interested…this is who was there.  I pray by God’s grace Pavel was encouraged by the truth shared from the Word and the truth we declared in song.

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9 thoughts on “Bono at Watermark?

  1. Todd,

    My wife and I have been members of Watermark going on 5 years. Yesterday was absolutely the most powerful message you have delivered.


      • Thanks John…and I agree with you. You may have misread my note, where I myself wrote that is is normal to respond to something rare, beautiful or tragic with some curiosity. No slap on the hand…just using the moment to remind all of us of the opportunity we have every day to love whoever the Lord puts in our path with grace, kindness and truth. Not surprised to hear that you were ready and willing to take that opportunity with Bono should that moment present itself. Sorry if my imperfect communication made you, or anyone else, feel otherwise.

        Love ’em all well this week!

  2. Todd,

    I shared this story with a couple I know who live in Iowa. They are huge Bono (U2) fans and I thought they would enjoy your blog. However, this is where it gets interesting. I told them the man turned out to be Bono’s look alike. As God works in His mysterious ways, this couple know Pavel ! They let me know that he is a very strong Christian man and loves God greatly. His own father was a preacher held in a Croatian jail for twenty some years. I thought you would enjoy hearing about our Watermark visitor.


  3. I was first driven to fascination at the fact that the U2 front man, known for being an out spoken Christian was attending the same church as me. A chance meeting would invoke questions about Christ and why Watermark, not can I take a picture with you . That chance meeting never happened because quite frankly, the guy went mostly unnoticed at 11:15 service.
    Few posted a picture that was tweeted around campus on Facebook but I never heard much frenzied hoopla about the event.
    I think that is because we are at church to serve and worship our God not idols. I don’t think the after thoughts and posts were anything past normal or unsinful. Not sure how I take your Tweet about the sighting, I feel a slight slap on the hand for some acknowledgment of a more than normal sighting on campus? I seem to recall some painter on stage having snapshots during the performance go off throughout the service of the painting of the face of Christ. Pretty over the top of normal there…. Just stating a thought here but it’s ok to be amazed at the unusual sightings. Turns out to be false and a little embarrassing to boot. Don’t think anyone was trying to make Watermark famous for celebrities attending our church as it feels you implied in your tweet.

  4. Greetings all. Wish to thank you for opening your doors this past Sunday at Watermark. I enjoyed the music worship, sermon and the warmth of the parishioners. I must tell you that it was fact, I that came to your church and created a bit of a stir outside taking photos with some of you. I am here in town for a couple of Bono gigs…one with the Dallas band I know here & one solo..and decided to extend my stay to visit with dear friends here. In my travels as a Bono double, I really like to explore different fellowships and walk with folks with a Christ centered circles…to love and embrace. For those disappointed I wasn’t Bono, I apologize…but you know…I don’t have the heart to break the moments of fun(slight silliness) that kind folks like yourselves may feel for the extraordinary humanitarian Christ centered rock star. Blessings to you and your families. Pavel

    • Glad you were encouraged on your visit Pavel and hope the rest of your time in Dallas is good to you. When we get the chance to be together I’d love to hear more about your journey to faith and the lessons you learned while watching your Father live out 1 Cor 16:13-14. Meanwhile…while you have fun as Bono I pray you are known for for your imitation of the Rock (Eph 5:1) more than the rocker.

  5. Todd, thank you for the reply and I concur with
    John’s assessment of your message Sunday.
    Pretty powerful as usual. I often have to pull
    Back on my admiration toward you because it might
    be considered idol worship!:) Love this band of
    brothers and love that you set the bar high!