Bullet Answer #10 on “Should I go to seminary and what about DTS?”

10.  A call to ministry is not the same as a call to seminary.  But, A CALL TO FOLLOW CHRIST IS A CALL TO LEARN. The word disciple means “learner.”  The problem with too many professing Christians is that they are not disciples.  Degreed or not…be a LEARNER/DISCIPLE.  I have repeated this many times throughout all 10 points.  Bottom line: be God’s man; don’t do anything just to get a job.  Make yourself more marketable by discovering, developing and deploying your gifts with great purpose and passion.  If you believe seminary is the best place to be developed, then run there. But a call to ministry is no more a call to a seminary than a call to ministry makes a man holy.  A holy man makes his ministry holy.  There is no holy job that will regenerate a cold distant heart from God and there is no degree that will make you love Jesus more.   Pursue intimacy with Christ and faithfulness infinitely more than any degree.  Pharaohs always find their Josephs.  Be a Joseph.

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