Bullet Answer #9 on “Should I go to seminary and what about DTS?”

9.         I never went to DTS full-time…it would not have been right for ME.  However, I was grateful for what I learned from every class I was able to take/audit/listen in on,  and I continue to learn from resources that many guys down there have written and made available.  Scholars make learning possible for men like me.  I remember John Hannah, Distinguished Professor of Historical Theology, telling me, “Don’t do what I did. I have committed my life to study things and synthesize them for you so you don’t have to.”  I am unspeakably indebted to scholars who allow me to glean from the harvest of their hard work.  May the Lord continue to raise up more scholars for His people and may His people be always led by shepherds who are either scholars themselves or who humble themselves continually at the feet of those who are committed to scholarship.  (1 Peter 5:5-6)

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