Bullet answers 3 & 4 to question: Should I go to seminary and what about DTS?

3.         If you are going to join a structured process…I can attest to the goodness and soundness that defined much of my time at DTS.  I am largely out of the loop down there now…but I am sure now it is like it was then…choose your classes based on those passionate about teaching and pouring into their students.  In other words, take professors as much if not more than classes. It won’t take long asking around before you keep hearing the same names from other students about who is doing a great job redeeming your time in the classroom.  Remember you are there to learn, not be affirmed by their degree…so take classes from men that inspire you to learn.  I would say this about any seminary/place of learning not just DTS.

4.         You are always going to be responsible for your own heart…seminary neither kills nor helps your heart.  Your own walk with Christ and attentiveness to availing yourself to the different means of grace outlined in God’s word determines your hearts health.  Many guys have struggled greatly in their walk with Christ while at DTS…my guess is they would have struggled greatly had they not been down there.  Many guys have grown in their love for and usefulness to Christ while at DTS…my guess is that they would have continued in obedience and faithfulness wherever they were.  If you go to DTS thinking it is going to be the means through which you take ground in your walk for Christ…you will be disappointed and discouraged.  God uses His word to transform us…but information does not always lead to transformation.  Meditation, application and consecration to God’s word lead to transformation.  The day you start to treat your bible like a text book or your learning as a task you are in trouble.  Learning is a means to the end…not the end.  “He who gets wisdom loves his own soul; He who keeps understanding will find good.”  Proverbs 19:8.  Keeping understanding is harder than getting knowledge.  DTS will help you learn…faithfulness and attentiveness to the Holy Spirit in the context of Biblical Community with other faithful men is where wisdom and understanding come from.

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