Bullet Answers #5 and #6 on “should I go to seminary and what about DTS?”

5.         DTS has good men looking to pour their life into young men and women who want to be faithful.  However, like most places poisoned by tenure or any place that doesn’t continually evaluate leadership at all levels…you undoubtedly will find some  that have gotten “comfortable in the job” or are “going through the motions” more than “going for it” and passionately looking at each new semester, student, Sunday, etc…with expectation that God is  going to do something great.  See again point 3 about teachers/professors/mentors v. academic tracks and let me restate that this is an issue ANYWHERE systems are in place that protect leaders from regular evaluation and review.

6.         DTS does a good job of teaching Bible and theology…and make no mistake about it, the theological framework that you are taught matters.  I could not  in good conscience encourage someone toward a place of learning that does not deal courageously, humbly and consistently with every passage of Scripture in both OT and NT.  (2 Tim 2:15 is there for a reason)   Spiritualizing the coming reign of Christ and the literal fulfillment of God’s promises to  Israel is both unnecessary and creates a Pandora’s box of issues, including an inability to call others who ‘spiritualize’ even more central truths of  The  Faith to account because it can rightly be pointed out that they are applying the same hermeneutic as you are, only in a different place that addresses a different topic you happen to be more sensitive  to.  Our job is to be sensitive to the truth that God is able to do what He said He would do and not come up with creative explanations for how He really did  fulfill His  word without really fulfilling His word.   Theology flows out of Scripture and what flows  out of Scripture is determined by how you learn to rightly divide Scripture.

But REMEMBER, rightly dividing Scripture is  only half the battle…. it is up to you to find a CONSTANT expression of your bible and theological knowledge while you are there. If you don’t have an ever present outlet for your learning you will become dead, irrelevant, bored, puffed up and shortly thereafter finding yourself  wondering where the “abundant life” that Jesus offers is.

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2 thoughts on “Bullet Answers #5 and #6 on “should I go to seminary and what about DTS?”

  1. I am a graduate of the ThD program at DTS. I have enjoyed your comments and find most of them to be extremely helpful. However, I do take issue with your elevation of Dallas’ hermenutic over other schools of thought. I have discovered in life, ministry and continued study of the Bible that premillennial dispensationalism and cessationism have as many or more Pandora’s boxes as any other systematic theology. I think it wise to be aware of other operating systems rather than to put all your theological eggs in one dispensational premillennial, cessationist basket.

    • Thanks Scott…praying I don’t ever put my eggs in any theological basket, but rather continually live out 2 Tim 2:15. Dallas doesn’t have the corner on Theological truth, none of us do. That said, I am grateful for DTS’ commitment to the Word of God. Amazing how few seminaries I can still say that about.

      Now the question is…should I take the “bait” (not insinuating you really want me to) and respond to your last line?

      For now I think I’ll cease. Glad you have been encouraged and thanks for commenting.