A Few Good Men: Confusion, crisis and the confidence to meet the challenge

Many of you have asked for some  content from week one of “A Few Good Men” so I wanted to get it in front of you asap.  My hope is that you would use it to encourage others who need to know of God’s good intention for MEN.  If you could not make our time together yesterday here is the link for you to catch it.  http://www.watermark.org/media/series/251/

A number of you specifically asked about the ‘battlefield story’ I used.  It was a powerful image to me when I read it and it was clear that it resonated with hundreds of you yesterday.  I pulled much of it from this link http://www.unearthedpictures.org/blog/fornicating-on-the-battlefield/

At the end I broadened it beyond Tony’s focus on pornography and added the following.

Meanwhile your kids are alone and wondering where their hero is.  Your wife is numb from the betrayal of your broken promises and endless affairs with your job, your iphone, your career, your alma mater , your xbox or your fantasy football league.  Your soul is empty.  Your sadness is growing.  You can taste your despair.  The only thing that keeps you going is the circle of other weak men you call friends or the isolation that allows you to convince yourself it really isn’t that bad, others are doing worse or your family is happy because of the way you provide for them.  But inside you are dying, wondering how you became so weak…so defeated…so pitiful. 

You were created for glory.  You are the son of a King but the Kingdom is so far from where you live the pigs that are your neighbors look more like brothers than swine that you are to rule over.  It doesn’t have to be this way…but you have to have the courage to acknowledge that you have left home.  You have to accept the fact that you have abandoned your throne.  The queen is lonely.  The young prince in your home is without a noble example. The princesses given to you are vulnerable to liars that pose as lovers.  You have to confess that you have left your King…and that the one you now serve is stealing your joy, killing your hope and destroying your life. 

You have to love the truth more than you fell the pain. You have to be strong.  It is time to grow up.  Time to be a man. 

Praying for you now…that you gird up your loins with the belt of truth and protect your heart with the breastplate of righteousness so you can lead and protect others.  Love to know your thoughts on week one if you were there or if you give it a listen and join me in praying for all the men that will join us for the next 4 weeks.

Be on the alert, stand firm in the faith, act like men, be strong.
Let all that you do be done in love.
1 Corinthians 16:13–14

 For those who don’t want to hit the link above..below is the portion I read from the unearthed site.

Fornicating on the Battlefield by Tony Anderson

When I ask men about their sexual behavior, most guys are surprisingly honest when anonymity is a factor. We’ve spoken about porn, oral sex, prostitution, lust, marriage, thoughts, immorality, intimacy, desires, homosexuality, masturbation, sexual abuse, incest, greed, and idolatry. I’ve eaten meals with pastors, executives, bankers, doctors, religious people, church planters, frat guys, students, entrepreneurs, traffickers, and average guys that work 40 hours a week and stay relatively pure.

Most of us had absent fathers. 1 in 5 of us were sexually abused. Every one of us has learned the art of concealing sin. Around 80% of men in the church are currently using pornography. Some of us don’t need a girlfriend because we’re in full-fledged relationship with our hand or laptop. And some of us know the feeling of cold emptiness after leaving a strip club or a brothel. Some of you men know what it’s like to go to sleep next to an empty shell of a woman that used to be your wife because your infatuation with photoshopped women has extinguished the intimacy. You’re no longer lovers, you’re roommates with children. Some of you are fathers that see your sexual sin manifested in your children, but you’re too fearful to expose it in your own life regardless of the damage its doing to your marriage and family. “What if coming out with this stuff makes things worse?” is the only question you’ve thought of.

I know where you’re at. I know what you’re thinking. And I know the lies you’re deceived by. I’ve been where some of you are.

A good friend of mine has battled sexual addiction all of his life. He’s a graduate of Bible college and is part of a healthy church. He’s got a lovingly invasive community and has had numerous Godly mentors pushing him towards Jesus for the last 7 years, but he still uses pornography every chance he gets—disabling the X3 watch on his phone and computer. If he’s alone for longer than 30 minutes with an internet connection, he begins searching for filth. He still habitually masturbates. He lies about his sin. He conceals his secrets. He manipulates Christian women into sinning with him, then he lies about that. He exemplifies the epitome of selfishness and a lack of self control.

But he also calls Jesus his Lord…Are you that guy? It’s sometimes an anomaly to me when men can be sexually enslaved while following Jesus, yet that’s what the overwhelming majority of them tend to be living. Can the two coexist? Are they diametrically opposed? Isn’t one the antithesis of the other?

I’m not going to quote your favorite authors or offer free accountability software. I don’t have a PDF to read or an invitation to a men’s conference. You’ve probably already tried those things. You’ve read books and made countless commitments, which you’ve broken. You’ve tried accountability. You’ve gone through a “freedom season.” You’ve confessed your sin. You’ve been rebuked. You’ve disconnected the internet. You’ve been kicked out of the house. You’ve destroyed the computer. You’ve memorized the Word of God. You’ve pleaded with Jesus to remove the thorn in your flesh. You’ve shouted, screamed, and wept. You’ve tried everything and you’re still shackled.

Just imagine for a moment that this is reality: You’re on a battlefield. It’s dark. Chaotic. Cold wind is whipping your face. The stench of death fills the air. Corpses of demons lie all around you and the field is soaked in blood. You can hear the sounds of armor and weapons colliding while sparks are flying. Screams pierce your ears.

You see chiseled, powerful beings radiating in white and they’re destroying shadows, gripping the throats of principalities and slitting them with iridescent blades. But you’re without armor. You wonder how you got to this place and why you came unprepared.

“ Since we are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses, let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles.”

Men that you recognize are rushing the opposite direction—spears aligned, ready to throw. Swords sharpened, shields fixed, helmets lowered they’re ready for battle. They’re calling for you to join them. They’re rushing for the front lines—they’re unafraid. They know they’ve been given victory.

But not you. You’ve got your pants down around your ankles. You’re roaming in circles looking for the seductress that’s calling you by name. You can’t wait to fornicate on the battlefield.

And all the while, the kingdom is coming. The lost are being found. The sick are being healed. Demonic assignments are being cancelled. The veil is being lifted off of false religion and the persecuted church is exponentially growing in the face of opposition. Jesus is authoritatively mediating a covenant—the Spirit is interceding for the children of God, breathing life into dry bones.

You? You want an orgasm.

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  1. Todd,
    Love it yesterday morning! Excited about the next 4 weeks! Yesterdays message reinforced the fact of our responsibility to stand firm in our faith and be the men that god has called us to be!