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I got this question earlier this week, and thought it would be helpful to share my response with you. No matter where in Scripture you choose to dive in deeply, may God use that to inform your life in a way that transforms it!


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I am planning out my 2013 goals and one of those is to slow down and dive deeply into 3-4 books of the bible.

I was hoping I could lean on your wisdom and see if you had any recommendations of books for me, knowing my life stage and spiritual maturity (lack there of).

Any insight into books that helped take you from baby believer to the man of God you are today would be much appreciated.

I am discussing with a friend next Tuesday.




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Wow…hard to narrow that down but here goes.

Genesis…the book of foundations.  Everything starts here and builds from here.  You have to know Genesis to know your Bible.

Proverbs….daily, practical, straightforward and brilliant.  Endless conversations and help for every area of life.  Perfect book for the way you describe yourself.

John…see all I have been saying lately about why.  Written by John for us to see Christ in all his clarity and fullness.

Romans….see my intro to this last year’s Summit on why this book is essential.  http://www.watermark.org/media/romans-syrians-america-men-what-they-all-need-to-have-in-common/2234/ 

Since you are in John and in Romans…think about Acts (progress of Holy Spirit in accomplishing God’s will through church) and Revelation (culmination of history and God’s sovereignty and purposes.  The letters to the churches at the beginning are a study in church history in and of themselves).

If you are looking another book from OT I might recommend one of the prophets…and either Daniel (how to live in a Godless age and how God is working throughout the ages) or Isaiah (the first of the great prophets the one with the most clarity about the coming Messiah and his Kingdom).

If you want an historical book learn about the all the Kings: 1-2 Kings or Israel’s greatest King (David) in 2 Samuel.

There you go…you have heard me say many times that my favorite book of the bible is the one I am studying..and that is a FACT.  Love you passion and intentionality.  Stay at it and let me know what you decide, and I will give you a few more tips/resources that may be helpful to you.






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