Haiti Updates

Here are the recent updates from Twitter while in Haiti

How you doing in your Haiti today? Remember, life is a long term mission trip and each week is a short term opportunity. Matt 5:16 – Jan 30 1:46

Just when you thought you were stranded in Haiti. Empty united airlines charter asks is if we want to fly free http://yfrog.com/35flkkj – Jan 29 6:03

I’ll hit a few more notes throughout weekend when hve time then figure out the “twittin” future stateside. But more twit pics coming 12:43 PM Jan 29th

Wrapping up here. Didn’t get to head north but did get to see God provide solution to canceled extraction plans. It always works out. 12:40 PM Jan 29th

On flight down here a bag of fruit/snacks was given to each of us with 2 cor 9:13-15. May all of our lives create this response in others. 12:36 PM Jan 29th

Those who have joined us in prayer as we serve and with generosity as we continue be encouraged. Phil 4:17 6:18 AM Jan 29th

Heading n to villages to interact with pastors/voodo men/children those with medical needs and serve them in grace and truth. Rom 1:16 6:13 AM Jan 29th

ChrisBerry-RyanMartin-Jenny Wallace-TracyLau-MichelleMartin-JohnJoseph-MattBush-TomSchott-MoSadjapour-ScottEckstein-JeffWard-Heb 6:10 6:12 AM Jan 29th

Beautiful night. All asleep. Peaceful. satellites passing overhead. Chaos death poverty corruption pain underneat (cont) http://tl.gd/5rb2k 9:59 PM Jan 28th

Just showered.Smell of death still noticable on clothes.Thnkng the lord that Haitians have not smelled death on team but life 2 Cor 2:15-17 9:42 PM Jan 28th

One of our team, sweet Michelle Martin with precious little orphan bencia whose arm has been broken and unset for (cont) http://tl.gd/5q66h 5:22 PM Jan 28th

If you haven’t told someone today about hope.Why not? There are earthquakes EVERYWHERE. Be his aid worker. Rom10:15 http://yfrog.com/2ejrvj 4:59 PM Jan 28th

Team 5 hours ago at breakfast before morning rush http://yfrog.com/4a7p8pj 12:48 PM Jan 28th

Even as we assist in burying the dead. our focus is on the living. Death is a reminder to all of us of cost of our sin BUT 1 cor 15:57-58 11:50 AM Jan 28th

Just unloaded over an hours worth of bodies. More than we cared to count into mass graves. Countless more around http://yfrog.com/1e8p8tj 11:46 AM Jan 28th

Headed back to other side of paprince to care for displaced people and connect with other potential future sites/partners. 8:57 AM Jan 28th

Great morning of serving many at mission of hope. Helped a lot of kids with breaks that are now 15 days old. Great team. Great privilege 8:55 AM Jan 28th

Haitians also scared and W/o leadership. Most not sleeping in houses due to fear of nother quake. Looters everywhere. So are faithful. 9:47 PM Jan 27th

Saw 100’s of patients today. Interpreters doing a GREAT job with gospel. Docs and nurses humble and gifted. Haitians resilient and tough 9:44 PM Jan 27t

Just as good…. Got a lead on a dirt bike. Let the real tour of Haiti begin. 9:42 PM Jan 27th

Had dinner with Denny Day. At quisquwya chrisrian academy. Long time friend from Kanakuk days. Awesome to see his enduring faithfulness 9:39 PM Jan 27th

Pray for the many in this situation http://yfrog.com/4eecxhdj 2:28 PM Jan 27th

Next pic is Sadly also work going on and too graphic for many so pass if so inclined. 2:19 PM Jan 27th

This is work our incredibly competent docs and nurses are doing in what you would never imagine qualifies for a pl (cont) http://tl.gd/5kcpl 2:17 PM Jan 27th

More than one way to minister to people who says white men can’t jump. http://yfrog.com/1d64tcj 2:13 PM Jan 27th

Removed stiches that were long overdue loved lots of moms by caring for their kids and loved our lord by sharing why 11:21 AM Jan 27th

Just played Dr Todd medicine Man along with ryan Martin and jeff ward. http://yfrog.com/4awelhj 11:11 AM Jan 27th

Back to plan a which as before is full of good intention but as before is expecting and ready for interruption. His plan is perfection. 8:05 AM Jan 27th

Open fracture. Chest injuries. Ryan was ready on scene. Orthopedic surgeons ready back at home base. Jesus getting credit. 7:20 AM Jan 27th

Our plan for day. Hit high need sites. Gods plan for day. Man on motorcycle hit 20 yds in front of us by speeding car. 7:19 AM Jan 27th

The church is doing it’s job. Very encouraged to see what is happening here. Amidst the obvious suffering there (cont) http://tl.gd/5gjcl 8:25 PM Jan 26th

On the ground L’union fait la force. Haitis motto…..which means unity creates strength. With that in mind I’ll (cont) http://tl.gd/5f711 1:13 PM Jan 26th

Leaving Florida now should be in Haiti in 2.5 hours. Getting many texts of folks anxious to greet our team and g (cont) http://tl.gd/5el77 9:31 AM Jan 26th

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    • Angie Koehler – Jess, you are creating a befituaul visual through pics and words for those of us here who would love to be with you there..May God direct your every step!! Mama Koehler