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Welcome to Words from Wags, the personal blog of Todd Wagner from Watermark Community Church in Dallas, Texas.  Check back for more updates.

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    • The second logo makes the aptumssion that the entire world is literate to understand the Roman-script characters. This in an age and century when a culturally plural world is moving us all back to the hieroglyph and the ideagram. This logo also assumes that all parties interested in the Olympics know and have access to the internet. Even worse, if they have low-bandwidth access, then they must all be literate to read the web; if non-literate, then they must all have high-speed internet access to watch videos and listen to audio streams. The second logo makes me feel the chill of a Siberian winter. The first logo, though aesthetic and beautiful, could be used for any product, brand, or service; hence, there’s some merit in rejecting it, too. A third option that unequivocally conjures Olympics, sports, athletics, games, as well, is required.