Is Seminary Nescessary? Answers 1 and 2.

First 2 of 10 bullet point responses to the question …”What do you think about me going to seminary and what would you say about Dallas Theological Seminary (DTS) in comparison to other options.”

1.    Any place that can help you learn more of God’s word is a good place…DTS will definitely expose you to God’s word, theological discussions and provide a structured accountability to be processing INFORMATION.  Transformation (the goal in all learning)  is always your business.  I am not a believer in the idea that you need a sheepskin to be effective in ministry (or business for that matter) but you do need to KNOW your bible, understand history, and be able to apply learnings to life.

2.    If you are disciplined you can get all that info without going through their, or anyone else’s structured process.  What you can find on line today is amazing. has more information/learning opportunities than you have time. is a gold mine…if you want to be able to fluently represent a biblical worldview drink deeply from Colson’s work.  William Lane Craig’s is an incredible wealth of debates, articles, information and lectures….mark it as one of your favorites. has great articles to get you thinking on current issues and wrestling with your theological positions, application and convictions.  Proverbs 12:27  “… but the precious possesion of  a man is diligence.”  If you are diligent and disciplined you are set.  READ often.  READ well (avoid the junk and pop stuff). Dig in the word.  Be a “man of one book”….and spend time with the above sites, the right books AND the right people (trusted friends and other passionate believers/mentors) discussing and wrestling through topics with  you AS YOU FAITHFULLY discover, develop and deploy your gifts in daily ministry and that will beat any degree from anywhere.  There is no shame in having to get that in seminary….and there is no necessity either.

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