Remembering my friend Chuck Colson

If it is true that a man’s success will be determined by his successor(s) I believe the greatest days of Chuck’s life lie ahead of him…this is true not just because he is enjoying the presence of His Savior and the unquestionable delight Jesus greeted his redeemed and faithful servant with; no, though the heavenly reward and affirmation are eternally enough, I speak of Chuck’s continued impact on the temporal when I speak of his greatest days being ahead of him. This is because few men took Paul’s admonition in 2 Timothy 2:2 as seriously and fully as Chuck did. He poured himself constantly into others. He was continually on the look out for individuals whom he could inspire, encourage, help, develop, unleash and celebrate. He was a giant intellect and yet always gentle and willing to get out of the way so he might allow others to grow and be used. He was courageous but never in a way that made others feel like they could not fight significantly along side of him. He was a man of vision, warning all of us of the consequences of eroding the ethic that sustains and strengthens us long before it was relevant to do so. He was gracious, having received the unmerited favor of Christ he was unwavering in his offer of it to others. I pray that I am the faithful man who entrusts to others what Chuck has faithfully poured into me. I pray that I imitate Christ as Chuck did. I pray that I give myself away as Chuck did, as Christ did, as the Father bids me to do. Thank you Chuck, for leading us, loving us and living for others. May I imitate you as you have imitated Christ.

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3 thoughts on “Remembering my friend Chuck Colson

  1. From “The Point” on Friday: “Chuck taught us that social justice, and any cultural work, must be undergirded by Truth, Truth with a capital T – something he learned from the late Francis Schaeffer. For Chuck, Biblical worldview is more than theoretical posturing, it’s embracing and living out Truth with courage. And that Truth sets us free.” He will be sorely missed.

  2. Todd:
    Thanks for this awesome tribute to Colson. I just sent it to my friend, Karen Strong, who worked with Chuck for many years. Karen is currently Chairperson of Peacemaker Ministries.

  3. Mourning the loss of a mighty man of God, I cannot help but smile for Chuck, for he has received his inheritance and prize, the unspeakable joy of entering the glory of God. What a blessing and honor it was to get to hear him speak at Watermark so recently, and much gratitude for our leader and shepherd that ushered him in, God bless you Todd. Our loss today is merely his victorious gain, and our imperative exhortation to imitate him as he so diligently imitated our Lord Jesus Christ. All signs to me indicate short days left of serving our Father in the earthly realm, may we do so with fervent passion and relentless dedication to the One who gave it all. Christ be glorified!