The Jews Missed Jesus When He Came…Might We?


I received an excellent question yesterday via email that I’d love to share with you. Check out the question, think through how you would answer, and see my response. Chime in/comment here if you have anything to add/further thoughts!

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Good morning! I was pondering this last night, and wanted to get your thoughts on it… The Jewish leadership’s primary problem when Christ came was a fundamental misunderstanding of scripture regarding the Messiah. They were looking for a conquering King and were, thus, blind to His true identity. Similarly, many people now are on the lookout for Christ’s return, also in the form of a conquering King.

Is it possible that we may also have a fundamental misunderstanding of scripture, and be on the lookout for Christ’s return in a form altogether different than the reality? I know we think we read and interpret scripture correctly, but dogma sometimes seeps in undetected. I just wanted to see what your perspective on that would be… Have a great day!

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Xxxxxx….that is a brilliant question and great observation. Here is my response:

Father…help me to walk every day and read Your Scriptures in humility and truth. Don’t let me miss Your will and way in anything. Protect me from my biases, even MY hopes. Fill me with YOUR hope and let me be one that sees with YOUR eyes. Come quickly Lord Jesus, and don’t let me miss You when You do. Until then, let me be Your hands and feet. Fill my mouth with truth and make my life an expression of YOUR love. By Your grace may others see Your Son in me….His grace, His goodness, His courage and His love. I long for the day when You will return as King. As evidence that You are a King may everyone see You reign now in and over me and Your people. Come quickly Lord Jesus, and don’t let me miss You when You do.

Here is my other response:

Matthew 24:4-31. By His grace we have a bit more specific revelation than our friends in Israel did. Even so, I love the question!

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