Wagner Email Bag: How Should We Vote?

More to come on this later, but for now I wanted to post a question I got from a Watermark member asking about voting for candidates with a different worldview/faith system than evangelicals.  Check out the following exchange and the links that accompany it.  Hope you get to listen to them with my friend…and remember, our hope is never in who we vote for but ONLY in WHO we follow.  That being said…I not only HOPE you vote, but would commend you to Scripture that commands us to actively participate in our society as salt and light.  Salt and light ought to show up everywhere it can, and that includes the voting booth where we get to speak into the kind of leaders we want to set the course, or correct the course of our land.

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Sorry to bug you with a random question about politics. Our community group was having a discussion about whether or not it was ok to throw your support behind a candidate, running for office, whom is not a believer. The focus was on Mitt Romney who I believe is Mormon?

Every year since I have turned eighteen I have voted, and have even convinced others to vote. I am convinced that not voting is a vote. As Christ followers would it be wrong for us to vote for a candidate who does not believe in our God?

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Xxxxx…love your passion to elect Godly men and women into our country’s leadership positions.  I have actually spoken about this topic several times at Watermark, and I think you would love going back and listening to those messages…they should answer your question and continually be informative on what Scripture has to say about these issues.

I’ve included some links below…I would listen in the order I have linked them.  Hope these are helpful!






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