What do I do if want to be God’s man? How can I grow to love and lead like David?

Ok Porch (and all blog friends)…here is the short note I sent to someone a few years back that I promised last night I would post for you.  Below you’ll find my response to a question about how they could take new ground in their relationship with Christ and grow to love and lead like David.  So much more I could have said….but if you want a good quick response to the question, this short reply will serve you well.  I know I was spurred on myself when I reread it.

I LOVE your question. Good for you for asking…the test of your heart will be in the doing. In the end, what you need to do is easy….but difficult.  The soul of the sluggard craves and gets nothing, but the soul of the diligent is made fat. (Prov 13:20)

Learn.  Learn constantly.  Read.  Read well.  Meaning read the right stuff…which obviously means read God’s word ferociously…it alone is profitable for teaching, rebuke, correction and training in righteousness.   Ask people you respect what book has impacted them the most.  Read broadly…not just the pop Christian stuff…read old books that have stood the test of time.  When you read the bible…read it with a pen in your hand and an expectation that the Lord is going to give you something to deal with/learn from/act on etc……Read to ACT.

Lead.  The best way to grow is to put yourself in a place where you have to learn…and place where you have to stay fresh…a place where you need God to show up or you will crater.  A place that demands your attentiveness to Christ.  A place where you can give so you have purpose in your getting.  Teach.  Do not shy away from hard conversations.  Don’t let someone put a ceiling on you.  Dream, believe, act.  Responsibility is laying around everywhere…pick some up.  SERVE.

Be Loyal to your Lord.  “Many a man proclaims his own loyalty, but who can find a trustworthy man.” (Prov 20:6)  Make it your goal to be a man that the Lord wants to strongly support.  (see 2 Chron 16:9, Isaiah 66:2)

Choose your friends wisely.  Make allegiances with or depend on no one except sold out followers of Christ who want to see Jesus made more famous.  It is amazing how quickly we become like those with whom we spend time. (This works BOTH ways: see Prov 13:20; 1 Cor 15:33) Don’t allow folks with fortunes or fame to influence your actions….move by the leadership of the Spirit. 

Finally, seek the Lord…not leadership.  God uses faithful men…not self-promoting, inpatient men.  Be a Joseph and Pharaoh will find you.  Be a fraud and you will be found out.

Learn and lead….grow and give…don’t wait, start now.  Reject passivity, hate apathy, assume it is your time and your moment. Be a man of action. The precious possession of a man is diligence.. (Proverbs again!) You know the Lord wants you to be His man..so if there is not a steady sanctification in your life, it is not a problem with HIS will, it is a problem with yours. 

Praying for you friend…may both of us be overwhelmed how the Lord works in and through you.

Joshua 1:8,


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