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One thought on “What Every Believer Has To Do At Some Point!

  1. God has done something for me I am some that was married cheated on my wife she divorced me because of my infidelity, I was a porn addict who everyday had to seek that pleasure at least once a day sometimes multiple times a day. I realized something was wrong with my life that I was living in a great pit of darkness and I knew I needed to change and watermark helped facilitate that change by watching services on Sunday and watching The porch on my iPhone/iPad. I noticed I started to change I began reading my bible daily and praying and started to not desire those things as I followed Jesus and he has brought about a great change in my life. It has been 5 weeks since I last watched a porn video and I have seen a wonderful change in my life and others around me have even told me of the change I have had and how I treat others is different too so God has worked a miracle in my life and he continues to everyday so Thank God he sent his son to die for my sin because I was a wretch without him in my life.