Who was the woman in Luke 7:37ff and what does that have to do with John 12 AND you.

In the message we used (on line and watemark media http://www.watermark.org/media/the-pivot-point-that-is-personal-belief-and-the-rightness-of-radical-response/2174/#.T_spoq0cA34.mailto) I was not as explicit in my qualification in my speculation that the woman in Luke 7:37-39 was another Mary, specifically Mary Magdalene.  While that remains a possibility, it is at the end of the day at best an argument from silence.  Mary Magdalene is mentioned for the first time immediately following in Luke 8:1-2 as a woman who had seven demons cast out of her by the Lord and thus her devotion and inclusion among the disciples and women who followed Him.  What IS clear is that whoever the woman is in Luke 7, it is not Mary of Bethany and THIS IS a different act of devotion than the one we focused on today in John 12.  So while it makes great fun talking about 2 different Mary’s that fell at his feet…I wouldn’t want to start a new church (or even try to spend any time defending the idea!) over the actual identity of the woman in Luke 7.  What IS clear is that we are dealing with 2 different locations (Galilean region v. Bethany), two different Simons (one the ex-leper and one the Pharisee) and with almost complete certainty two different woman.  Whether the Luke 7 passage was Mary Magdalene is speculative and in them message posted on line I was not as clear on this point.

What is not speculative, and what was obviously my point in mentioning both women, is ALL of our need for Jesus.  Whether we are a prostitute or a “prominent person of distinction and morality”, we should fall at the feet in worship of the One Who ALONE can deliver us from our bodies of sin and death.  If you want to read more about one person’s take on Mary Magdalene (some strong comments/ideas here from Spurgeon on Mary Magdalene and her demonic afflictions and their relevance to potential Luke 7 associations as well as some applications for us today toward those suffering with similar afflictions see http://www.biblebb.com/files/spurgeon/0792.htm )  Read his ideas and enjoy…but as always Acts 17:11 is a great passage for all of us every time we hear someone teach from the Scripture.

Meanwhile may you be a RADICAL servant, lover and steward who derives all your glory only from your association with Jesus.  Here once more is the link to my message on John 12:1-11 for your encouragement. http://www.watermark.org/media/the-pivot-point-that-is-personal-belief-and-the-rightness-of-radical-response/2174/#.T_spoq0cA34.mailto

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3 thoughts on “Who was the woman in Luke 7:37ff and what does that have to do with John 12 AND you.

  1. Denise Womack – I will never again listen to JJ Heller’s music woiutht thinking of you and Olivianna. Your dignity and grace are an inspiration not only to the other young mothers who suffered the loss of an infant, but to those of us who longed for children but were never able to have them. I still remember the grief 32 years ago in finding out I’d never bear children. Like you, I trusted in God’s reasoning and accepted it was all for His purpose and not mine. Nine years later I was blessed with a beautiful step-daughter to help raise, and am now a grandmother to her precious son and daughter. Your story reaffirmed for me how God can turn tragedy into triumph and loss into lifelong lessons. Thank you for sharing your remarkable story and bringing even more grace into my day.May 24, 2012 2:34 pm

  2. Thank you ALL so much for this amazing wsteibe! I have shared it with some and will extend to many more, looking forward to Eastern Customs’. I wanted to re-visit the Rev. Krug teachings on Life and Death, I wasn’t finished studying and I haven’t seen them for quite awhile. Is there any way you can re-post them, there were about 4 or 5 sessions. Whatever I have to do- I will do, to get them. And I realy love you all- miss you all as well. All is well here and with Gods’ blesssing it can only get better’. There are no other churches I have found that teach God’s word so well, you are all blessed there to have such a wonderful Pastor, staff and believers! Not to mention my baby sister, Loree, and her husband- John Pardi, my brother-in-law. Love To You All Shannon and Barb you are both doing an amazing job with this wsteibe, thank you from the depth of my soul for loving God so truly. Hello to all! Love, Linda

  3. Linda, We love you and miss you, too!! Glad to hear all is well. The 4 classes Rev Krug thugat on A Matter of Life Death’ are here on the website. If you look down the right-hand side until you find Categories’ and then click the drop down’, you will see Rev Jim Krug’s teachings’. There should be 12 of his teachings posted, including the A Matter of Life Death’ series. Hope this helps. God bless you, we love you!!