Why I love giving others a “warped” view of Church

I love giving others a “warped” perspective of church….at least that’s true if their perspective is anything like the majority of church goers have today. I often find myself telling others, “if you would have told me during my young adult years that I would one day be a pastor…I would have taken a swing at you.”

I say this because my experience was that church was a place that I saw largely unmotivated and courageous men leading a very average weekly meeting of extremely bored adults. Still worse, I saw no connection between the things the bored adults did throughout the week with what they were doing in their average meetings during the weekend. Destine me for a life “leading” that kind of organization and you deserved a little MMA action coming your way.

Obviously, this isn’t what the King of the universe had in mind for His people or their leaders. These last 12 years I have loved doing my best to give whoever runs with us here at Watermark a “warped” perspective on what God’s people gathered look like. Then today….I received the following note from a young man that greatly encouraged me and made me want to share this post with you. Here’s praying that the grace of God continues to allow all of us to be a part of serving His bride in a way that brings Him glory and makes her beautiful, inspiring and attractive to others.



January 25, 2013


I recently had to write a paper for a class at seminary about what my Church’s 3 greatest strengths are.

My #1 answer was “our Elders”.

Watermark is my first Church home. Three years ago, through a friend’s heart for discipleship I got invited to the family here. I had no idea how incredible the Church could be. My friends in other ministries make comments like “you know Church politics”, and I always have to say “I really don’t know”.

I am just one of the hundreds of 20 somethings at Watermark who have been provided a “warped” perspective on what Church is like.

Alive, authentic, excellent, innovative, without “politics” or hypocrisy, full of grace and truth. Thank you for allowing me a healthy and biblical perspective on what the Church is. Thank you for the trails blazed through decades of faithfulness. No intention of brown-nosing here, I’m just grateful.


Thanks David for living out Hebrews 3:13 and 10:24-25 in my life today.

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